50142 FIRENZE 
Ph. 0039 055 782758 
Fax. 0039 055 783331 
P. IVA: 02008090488 
Our company has been producing varnishes and paint for the building industry for more than 30 years. We are a well-established company that has always offered quality products, both traditional and innovative, intended for professional users. We have always followed a prudent policy of seeking and selecting a qualified clientele and today we occupy a stable, financially solvent market niche. In this light, we have constantly reinvested our profits and, through self-financing, have equipped ourselves with modern information systems that make our administrative services more efficient and technologically advanced industrial systems that guarantee a quality product. 
“FIORENZA L’ARTE DEL DECORO” and "3D MULTISENSORIAL PAINT" are the final result of a process that has involved our entire organization in offering the market technically innovative products. 
Our laboratory conducts chemical research to satisfy the needs of professionals and "do-it-yourselfers". Extensive testing (realized through the use of specialized applicators) proves that the product guarantees excellent coverage even with improvised applicators. 
We also produce:  paints for the building industry, enamels, wall coatings, water-repellent paints, lime and silicate-based paints, special products for the reclamation of cement, asbestos and Eternit. Paints for industry, quick-drying enamels, polyurethane, epoxies and special products.