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Salvalegno L30 (Fondo) 
CERTIFIED: R120 resistance 
CLASS 1: reaction 
Protects against fire while maintaining its original beauty unaltered. In fact, Salvalegno L30 is completely invisible. 
Certified R120 by Istituto Giordano on fir beams loaded with 950 g/m˛ of L30 (load of 4.0 N/mm˛) 
Certified Class 1 fire reaction conforming to the Ministerial Decree of 6 March 1992 by CSE of Roma Capannelle with 230 g/m˛ of L30 primer and 70 g/m˛ of L30 Finitura. 
Method: The product is suitable for application with brush, roller or spray after careful hand mixing.  
On wood, it is very difficult to determine the quantity of product that is effectively and actually applied on each side of beams or columns. For this reason, we recommend applying Salvalegno L30 Fondo by brush or roller, especially on wood structures. Spray application is possible on continuous surfaces where it is possible to reduce dispersion of the product to a minimum;  however, in this case, you have to assume that you will use 30% more product due to dispersion. 
Application temperature: between 10 °C and 35 °C 
Maximum wood humidity:  12%.  Application is still possible with higher levels of humidity in the wood but drying times will necessarily be extended and there will be risks of anomalies and defects; for this reason, we do not recommend its application with high humidity either in the wood or the ambient air. 
Ambient humidity: no greater than 70%    
Solvent: The product is ready for use. Given its low viscosity, dilution provides no benefits and, instead, increases drying time. 
Finishing: Achieving Class 1 fire reaction requires the application of at least 70 g/m˛ of L30 Finitura. This results in a transparent, satin, open-pore surface. If required for aesthetic needs, it is possible to apply additional coats of L30 Finitura until you achieve the required degree of coverage.  
A finishing coat is not required for achieving fire resistance in wood structures. In fact, the fire resistance tests conducted at Istituto Giordano used only L30 Fondo. Nevertheless, if aesthetic needs require, you can apply 100 g/m˛ of L30 Finitura. Contact our technical department. 
In particular cases, it is also possible to apply finishes to water-based or coloured finishes. In these cases, our technical department will provide all the necessary instructions.